This is just the place for out normal run of the mill shenanigans. We talk about what we have been up, news, hobbies, movies and all other things that fall under out gaze for the length of recording.

Talk Nerdy 2 Me

TN2M Ep79 – American E3 Gods

just recorded this morning and not even out yet and it already has given me so much laughter. So here it is our E3 episode and may we be forgiven for what we unleash upon the world. For all comments, questions and suggestions email us at, on get at us on our Facebook page. As always thank you for

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BBD – Feline Legion of Doom

Me the crazy cat man finally talks about his legions of feline cohorts…or am i their cohort? either way I am talking cats. If you have cats, comments or any such suggestions please contact us at, or comment on the Facebook page. Thanks you for listen and as always enjoy. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe:

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BBD – Dig Deeper

Another post Balticon topic, its also a get off my lawn moment of sorts as there are anime fans who dont know what its like with out streaming and easily accessed anime. so get ready to dig deeper for those hidden gems. I hope you enjoy don’t hesitate to email us at, or comment on the Facebook page. As

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BBD – Bring’em Back

This was a silly topic I run across in my brain when Jen and I got on to the subject of nostalgia. As a person who works with the buying, selling, and trading of video games, I run across those who have let nostalgia cripple their estimations, as well as their thoughts on new things, which will be an episode

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BBD – Honestly Just be Honest

This episode is post Balticon, and was created from discussion on an anime panel i think it was. so please enjoy and if you have thoughts on this or any other episode contact us at, or comment on the Facebook Page. Thank you for listening. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email

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