Nerds on Cinema, the place to get all of our movie reviews, film conversations, and the occasional commentary track. The Halloween Horrorfest, our 31 days with 31 podcasts will now be here. We hope this will clear up the Talk Nerdy 2 Me feed for more topics, while giving us the ability here to have more in depth discussions.

Nerds on Cinema

NOC – Deadmen Tell No Tales

The Nerds on Cinema tackle chapter 5 of the pirates franchise helmed sorta by johnny Depp’s captain jack sparrow but man did they not give a crap about this one. So thank you for joining us as always please leave questions, comments and or suggestions on our Facebook or email us at please if you like what you hear

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NOC – The Mummy

We did a double feature of the mummy with tommy cruise and The not very interested in his movie johnny Depp. So lets get going with the Mummy, as always thank you for listening, please contact us on the website, facebook page or please please please leave us a review on iTunes which would help us out and like

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So We take a trip down nostalgia crushing lane to go over the new Power Rangers film. So hold on to your butts as Samuel L Jackson would say this one is a doozy. We haven’t done a long one in a while so this was fun except for the movie itself ugh. If you have seen it or have

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NOC – Fifty Shades Darker

So we finally have some time to podcast, and what do we bring you but this lovely reel of cinematic gold called fifty shades darker. soccer moms, house wives and put upon significant others get ready to relive this wasted date night  we hope you enjoy and as always thank you for listening. Play in new window | Download

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NOC – Halloween Horrorfest – Monster House

Here we go with a very Spielberg-ian endeavor that probably shouldn’t be toted as a kids movie. The film is 2006 Monster House, thank you for listening and joining us for another horrorfest. Happy Halloween. Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSS

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