Anime 101 is the home for our discourse on all things Anime. We like to talk about anime in depth, and from varied perspectives, yet never wanting to lose or forget about the new comer to the genre of animation. By doing this we hope to make this your go to spot for learning about and understand classic, and new anime.

Anime 101

A101 – Castlevania

So we cover, the Netflix anime series Castlevania on Anime 101 today. comment, question or suggestion please email us at, or contact us on Facebook, Also please don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes as each one helps out the shows tremendously. Thank you for listening as always please enjoy. Play in new window | Download

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Anime 101 – Inuyasha Ex Machina

So Its just me this go round venting my frustration and disappointment at the fact someone could make such greatness then turn around and make this turd of a show. That person is Rumiko Takahashi student of the legend himself Kazuo Koike creator of Violence Jack, Crying Freeman, and Lady Snow Blood. Sigh, this show is just woof and to

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