TN2M Ep22 – Balticon 47 Meet Jen’s Bawls

Holy shit, were back after my comp was sidelined and convention arose and departed We here at Talk Nerdy 2 Me are back and we had a whole crap ton of things to talk about. up coming cons, movie reviews, books reviews, and interviews and more so no further ado here it is our Balticon review and recap enjoy.


  • Energy drinks(*Shrugs*)


  • People We Met
  • New Media Cookout
  • Panels
  • Con overview
  • Upcoming cons and Podcasts Topics

TN2M Ep21 – Oblivion Review

Hey guys this is the review of the blockbuster film Oblivion staring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Jen wasn’t feeling to good so I kinda took the lead for her and it start to show a bit towards the end but we really wanted to get this done for you guys before we forgot something or lose are interest in it. We really hope you enjoy the show and lets us know what your think by email us at, or on Twitter at @Nerdy2MePodcast, or leave a comment here on the site. Also reviews on iTunes would be welcome and again thanks for listening.

TN2M Ep20 – We made it this far…

Welcome, welcome we are still alive though humbled before the presence of the real world. Me and Jen have been talking and brain storming since she took over the co-host spot about how we should format the show. we know the show is rather long so we wanted to streamline it and make it a bit more manageable of a listen. So we have decide to take a play out the playbook of the Round Table Podcast(we love you guys) and have two types of episodes the first being regular Talk Nerdy 2 Me and then the next will be Talk Nerdy 2 Me at the movies(or what ever we down for a lengthy review). The length we will aim for is 30-45 minutes for regular episodes with movie reviews and show reviews or what not will be 45-60 minutes. So we hope you enjoy please leave reviews of the show on iTunes so we know what you think of the changes we are trying to implement. Also email us at, or Tweet us at @Nerdy2MePodcast with suggestions for the show, comments, concerns, hate mail you name it. With that out of the way hope you enjoy Episode 20 of the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast.


TN2M Ep20 – We Made It This Far….

News – The Passing of Roger Ebert, Boston Marathon …

Comics – Irredeemable, Incorruptible, Preacher, The Killing Joke and a sale at G2K

Video Games – Borderlands 2

Lollipop Chainsaw

Books – Six Gun Tarot by RS Belcher

The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Claire

Tech – Comixology App

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