TN2M Ep25 – Six-Gun Tarot Review

Hey guys. Sorry this took a grip to get out we started it last week but got cut off by our neighbors mowing but were back and finished. We talk up a book we bought randomly at this years Mysticon by Author R.S. Belcher called Six-Gun Tarot. Jen and myself really enjoyed this book so listen up or just go buy it and read it then listen up and see if you agree with us or feel were blowing it out are arses(which we do from time to time because we can). Drop comments here or on the Facebook Page about the episode or episodes also reviews on iTunes would be appreciated or where ever you get your Podcast content. We will see you next time and thank you for listening.

TN2M Ep24 – Anime, Books, and Music…Schwing?

Ah and we have done it again, an episode full thrills, chills, and hilarious spills…no wait…no no we just talked about things. Lots of things. As always we hope you enjoyed the listen to us go on and on if you would like leave us a review on iTunes. You can also email us at or find us on twitter at @Nerdy2MePodcast. If your feeling really froggy leave a comment or join us on the Facebook page where I share things I scrounge up on the interwebs. Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed the show.

TN2M Ep23 – V/H/S and V/H/S 2 Live Stream

Here you guys go the audio of the first live stream for this podcast and Myself ever I hope you enjoy. Sorry for the audio on my end I don’t know what the issue was but  I will be working on that for the next one we do. Also the stream went down for some reason in the middle of JRD’s question regarding “Safe Haven” but we picked it back and finished and through the magic of post production I have edited them together to give a rather seamless transition. again sorry for the issues. Let us know what you think and come join us at the Facebook Page with your comments suggestions question and all the rest. Also fins us on twitter at @Nerdy2MePodcast, or email us at Thanks for listening.

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