TN2M Ep28 – The Conjuring

Title says it all folks. The Conjuring review and boy howdy did we love this movie, its probably in our top 10 horror movies and top 10 movies and here is were we tell you why… We hope you enjoy if you do like the FB Page or leave reviews and comments on iTunes(we like that kinda stuff) or just drop us aline on here or in the email:, oh and SPOILERS!!!!

TN2M Ep27 – Toys For Farming Movies

Alright after 2 previous attempts we are locked loaded and shooting away in more way than one with a new podcast for you to listen to. I even have a new toy he. We talk about 3 of our 4 movies marathoned at theaters in celebration of our 1 year anniversary as a podcast. Big thanks to Quake for showing me to my new toy and a BIG OL’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Doc Coleman hope it was the tops my friend and I hope many many more follow. Without further a due here you are and we hope you enjoy.

TN2M Ep26 – 1 Year old, Prepare for Podception!!!

Yeah so it’s a bit late, and not as many episodes as I would have liked but hey it evens out to about 2 a month thus I am proud to say we did it.  As many who do this know podcasts can fade, as easily as they can sore and we here can say we ain’t soaring but we definitely are flying and aiming for the sun(are wings are not made of wax 😛 ) so to ring in this belated 1 year anniversary you shall be Podcepted in our podcast about podcasts and podcasting so get ready. Have fun. and we hope you learn something and stick with us for as many more years come after this one. Thank you all so much. all the listeners and fans, all the folks to do bumpers and all the help and advice we have gleaned from so many of our superiors in this things known as podcasting. Thank you all again so very much.

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