NRT – Jason Narvy & Paul Shrier

One of the craziest time I had all con was with these guys Jason Narvy and Paul Shrier sit back and enjoy as they take the podcast explicit tag for a ride lol. Emails, comments always welcome, ratings and reviews on iTunes appreciated with much love. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did giving the interview.


TN2M Ep30 – Eatin Cherries On My Hoveround

Hey guy, where back and boy has it been a blast I feeling good, Jen is in tip top shape and we have a contest for that arse oh yes. So take a listen, and enjoy. Thank you to all the Mobster out there shooting me there support and kindness and caring and for all those who have liked the page and been so patient with me with all that has been going on so this contest isn’t just for the likes but also for showing the love so who knows we may pick 2 or 3 winners you never know so on your mark get set…Go!

NRT – Tony Oliver

In this interview I sit down with one of anime’s greats Tony Oliver the man behind the voice of Rick Hunter and Lupin the 3rd so enjoy this one I sure as hell had a ball and he was a delight to get to know a little bit. Emails and comments are always welcome. A bit of time for a rating and review on iTunes is appreciated with much love. also stop in the on the Facebook page for a like and a share. Thank you all so much hope you enjoy. Also stop by Adventures in Voice Acting and find out about classes put on by Tony, and all the behind the scenes stuff there is to know about voice acting.

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