NRT – Debi Derryberry

I am here in this interview with Debi Derryberry the voice of Jimmy Neutron boy genius and what a delight she was to talk with there is some noise with this one but it still gold my friends so enjoy. Emails, comment we love’em along with reviews and ratings on iTunes. And don’t forget that Facebook Page is there for you enjoyment myself or Jen is always around. So please enjoy and we thank you a lot.


NRT – Stephanie Sheh & Michael Sinterniklass

This interview Stephanie and Michael took place right after I sat down with Bryce Papenbrook hell they are in the background entering the green room lol. these two were funny as hell and into a lot of different stuff so I hope you enjoy and check out there other projects. emails, comments, rating and reviews all welcome and appreciated also come join us on the Facebook page at your leisure. sit back and enjoy.


NRT – Bryce Papenbrook

My first ever interview and it was a blast with Bryce Papenbrook. We even had two guest drop in while we were going about it so sit back and enjoy sorry ladies he’s taken however. and to think I am a year older than this guys man…freaky lucky lol. Emails, comments, itunes ratings and reviews all welcome and appreciated with the greatest of thanks. Also join us on the Facebook page or on twitter at @Nerdy2mepodcast find Bryce at @BrycePapenbrook and on Facebook. Hope you enjoy and thank you.


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