TN2M Ep4 – No Clue What To Talk About

Sorry this is a little late folks but I just got back from Orlando Florida at the Anime Festival Orlando Convention. There I did the whole anime nerd thing but I was also there for business and got some awesome bumpers for the podcast thought will start showing up in episode five.

Enough of that, this episode we talk about Con Survival 101, another Nerdy Girl Corner, Also we debut a new segment call “For The Techies” were amber talk about apps and programs that are useful and should be picked up. I chime in a bit but mainly this is her territory. We give some shout outs, and there is much banter, some is a bit racially charged though I don’t think I say anything worse than an episode of the Chappelle Show so I don’t think it much to worry about lol

Any as always we would love to hear what you think about the show, so leave us comments, or emails, or a review on Itunes. Thank you once again and we hope you enjoy.




Con Survival 10111.58

For The Techies29.32

  • Phone Apps
  • Computer Programs

Nerdy Girl Corner1.02.54

Check This Out1.05.40

  • Skylanders

Shout Outs1.09.16


TN2M Ep3 – I Am Full of Chicken, and Spoilers

So this episode started out ok, but dissolved quickly into an hour long romp about geekdom, nerdom, Felicia Day, Mr Will W, and Joss Whedon. We Also try to surmise what geek/nerd and the culture behind it mean to us, which leads to trips down memory lane.  Also I am chomping down chicken nuggets because there delicious. All in all I think this was the most fun I have had so far podcasting. Amber takes the reins for the most part on this show so ladies enjoy the independence and fellas, I got chicken nuggets.




04.08Geek what is it to you? / Felicia V. Perez

49.58More Banter?

51.23Nerdy Girl Corner

  • Cosplay Update

56.40Shout Outs/ Check This Out

  • Anime Podcasts
  • Geek/Nerdy Podcasts


Sorry for the traffic noises I live near a major road and sometimes lings like motorcycles and trucks go by and to make it worse we got a late start because of Amber shopping…lol and Nutty no I am not sorry for the nuggets they were awesome and it was nearing lunch time, you know I love ya nutty. well let us know what you think emails, comments, iTunes reviews and all that works. thank you and enjoy

TN2M Ep2 – Gummies Are Yummy, and My Boss Isn’t Racist

Its is we Jason, and Amber with episode 2 of Talk Nerdy 2 Me. Boy is this a doozy of an episode it runs a bit long because we get into super ultra mega bear man spoilers for Batman: Dark Knight Rises. Some of you who will listen to this will think we didn’t like the movie, but we did and we both enjoyed it. We just felt that it didn’t stand well as a series finisher but was more of just another movies in the series.

We also kinda sorta do a new segment called Nerdy Girls Corner but we ran into some trouble with that as Amber will note. I talk about some magazines, I know I know most magazine sections are tabloids, and updates on what Justin Bieber is up, though I did manage to find a couple to hopefully tickle your interests and titillate your psyche . So Sit back and enjoy please leave some feed back or email us if you wish. We would love to hear from you and what you think of the show or any suggestions you have. Thank you and see you next week.




03.05 Current Events/ News

  • Batman Premiere Shooting
  • Double Fine Soda Tasting
  • 2013 Superman Film
  • Steam Summer Sale
  • Ambers PS3, and the Bday Present I owe her

09.04Batman: Dark Knight Rises(SPOILERS!!!!)

  • Character Break Down
  • Plot
  • Ending

55.46Nerdy Girl Corner

  • Nerd Lacquer

1.02.05Check This Out

1.04.05 – Outro/ Shout Outs

Well that is the show again please contact us, leave comments, leave reviews on iTunes all of those things we would love and appreciate if you wanted to take the time. I wanna thanks Starla Huchton once more for showing us the love on Twitter. So until next time, Talk Nerdy 2 you later.

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