TN2M Ep8 – I’m Sexist, And Amber Has To Take It

Well another episode has now come. This is my first attempt with segment intros so hopefully you enjoy. These show notes are going to be short as sweet as I am doing edits on 1 story and have written to short stories. Amber is still chugging along with her screen play. Face is on vacation and loving boarderlands 2, we both will be W.o.W’in it up with mysts of pandaria soon. Soon as in tomorrow woot! as for Jen and Ish ummm I dont really know any updates for them but next time I will have something lol

This episode we cover apps, Doctor who, Movies coming soon to a screen near you and we have some new to start with and shout outs to end it. As always I hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestion or comments email us, comment on the site or hit us up on twitter. If you are so in kind please leave a review on iTunes. Thank you and again enjoy.




For the Techies – 16.11

Movies 38.48

Tv shows/Doctor Who 45.03

Shout outs/Outro1:14.37

TN2M Ep7 – On The Road From Dragon Con

Oh my goodness, what can I say here about our time at  Dragon Con but AWESOME. This is not the normal format for the show because we recorded this on the road back from Dragon Con. So this is more of a round table talk about the con, our experiences as this was all our first time at Dragon Con and everyone but me got there con cherry popped.

I have been working by but off since coming back and I have now got more bumpers even though I haven’t used all the ones from Anime Festival Orlando, ad I have now broken in to sounds effects and have created segment intro’s to give the podcast a more┬áprofessional sound and feel even though we are still the same of nerds with the same potty mouths that would make your mother cringe and your grandmother faint. We wont talk about your great grandmother cause we could cause murder with some one that age lol. So keep a look out for episode 8 and the new sound(s).


So myself, Amber, Jen, and Ish all vulgar naughty nerds and have a blast being so. Hope you enjoy and as always thanks you. If you have questions, comments or suggestions Email us at, or tweet us @Nerdy2MePodcast. Also if you care leave a review on iTunes even if you hate the show we welcome all good or ill because they both help us, though the good feels better but then again if we offend someone and they rant it feels pretty good to lol.

TN2M Ep6 – It’s The Dark Side, We Have Boobs

Well I am gonna keep the Episode 6 notes shorts. Amber is back and we have a good time talk about all sorts of things lol. I loose my self in the joys of my new mic. I total feel like a radio guy. The Audio quality is still something I am playing with, I am sorry for that but I am working on it honest.

If you feel so kind comment on the site and or leave reviews on iTunes for us or email us we would love to hear from you. Thank you and enjoy


Banter – 00.00



Naomi Novik31.09


Cosplay and Dragon Con58.27


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