So We take a trip down nostalgia crushing lane to go over the new Power Rangers film. So hold on to your butts as Samuel L Jackson would say this one is a doozy. We haven’t done a long one in a while so this was fun except for the movie itself ugh. If you have seen it or have comment or questions hit us up on Facebook, Email us at or comment here on the site. Thank you for listening and enjoy.

NOC – Fifty Shades Darker

So we finally have some time to podcast, and what do we bring you but this lovely reel of cinematic gold called fifty shades darker. soccer moms, house wives and put upon significant others get ready to relive this wasted date night  we hope you enjoy and as always thank you for listening.

NOC – Halloween Horrorfest – Monster House

Here we go with a very Spielberg-ian endeavor that probably shouldn’t be toted as a kids movie. The film is 2006 Monster House, thank you for listening and joining us for another horrorfest. Happy Halloween.

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