BBD – Doing Nothing

So I sit down before i am on my way to work to record a little self care podcasting also “Dem loot boxes Yo”. Thank you for listening please leave a review on iTunes, like the facebook page, and email us at

BBD – Underrated

Today i am gonna talk about even though we don’t need so many damn sequels and reboots we sometimes get things they are underrated because of the stigma that the cinema world has cultivated as of late. Thank you for listening as always you can find us on facebook, You can email questions, comments and suggestions to

BBD – Getting that Swagger back

Here we are back in the saddle again after a month and change break after the horrorfest though with how the holidays are I think work might push of us here into an early grave. So I sit down on the way to work to discuss how to get your swagger back and fall into those old habits and clawing your way out of a slump so to speak. Thank you thank you thank you for listening and As always you can find us on facebook. You can also email us at

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