A101 – Castlevania

So we cover, the Netflix anime series Castlevania on Anime 101 today. comment, question or suggestion please email us at talknerdy2mepodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Facebook, Also please don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes as each one helps out the shows tremendously. Thank you for listening as always please enjoy.

Anime 101 – Your Lie in April

This episode is brought to you by the mini TT aka Rich the TT’s daughter. Who watched this anime, had a moment or three and Rich posed the question what the heck is it about. So we here at Talk Nerdy 2 Me took up the challenge so Spoilers if you haven’t seen Your Lie In April. We hope you enjoy and as always thank you for listening.

Anime 101 – Attack on Titan

Finally got to sit down with the Awesome Tee Morris, creator of so much podcastery, and literary wonders that I can’t list it all. Suffice to say just go HERE for all his and his better halfs awesome. Now to talk about the anime series Attack on Titan. I had a blast as always, and I hope you do to. So as always thank you for listen and enjoy.

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