The Talk Nerdy 2 Me podcasts are a collection of our discussions, debates, reviews, analysis, and all around banter about all the nerdy things we love. We hope to bring a bit of insight into who we, what we enjoy and have fun with every who comes here and joins with us in the shenanigans.




Jason is the brain child behind the podcasts, though brains don’t make you smart, nor are they so easily wielded. His fellow host Jen reminds him every chance she gets. He is a life long fan of Anime & Manga, as well as an aspiring cinephile, and fledgling foodie.




Jen is the rational member of the duo. She reigns in the neigh on belligerent fellow she calls a fellow host, all the while putting forth vital clarity on all manner of subjects. She to her dislike is known as the Ak Tundra Baby as she is from Kake Alaska, loves reading, gaming, all things Nightmare Before Christmas, Minions and on occasion some Anime.