Horrorfest – Skeleton Key

Hiya everybody Me and Jen sit down and discuss the film Skeleton Key which i am probably the only person in the world who doesn’t like it and it basically inexpiable as to why I don’t like it but we try and even some how get into some hunger games talk which is a bit premature lol. So hopefully you enjoy and as always Thank you for listening.


  • Just to let you know- Voodoo was Caribbean, and was based mostly on African and native american tribal rituals, hoodoo was mostly Louisiana and Deep South plantation south slave culture corruption of voodoo, with a mix of Santeria, and Catholicism thrown in for good measure, My mother was half Creole and I still have some family living in the bayou. Hoodoo has more in common with backwoods hexcraft than traditional voodoo, but its still a nasty little practice.

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