TN2M Ep37/Horrofest – Carrie

So we got you two back to back full episodes though this one also runs both sides of the fence as a Halloween Horrorfest episodes and a regular episode which leads to some number issues in bonus episodes 20 but oh well that can be gotten over right lol. We also do some candy tasting and covers some news and its all brought to you in part by The FlashPulp Podcast whose bumper is at the end of this episode. So sit back and enjoy because its a long one lol.


  • I think part of the reason that the gym teacher is as confused as she is about Carrie’s first period is that in this day and age, even if Carrie’s mother didn’t give her the facts of life, health class in middle school or high school should have taken care of that. Carrie’s mom probably did the religious-objection my child won’t be in that class thing… and the teacher didn’t know.

    Back in the timeframe of the original movie, that scenario (where a girl Carrie’s age could make it to high school without getting the facts of life thing) is more plausible.

    • very true i think that does a good deal to show the extent of carrie’s mother’s insanity and how far away from society they both are. thanks for pointing that out we didnt even think of that movement in schools. Pierce’s directing and message about things going on today was really good.


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