Horrorfest – The Thing

John Carpenter’s the thing, a Theme Song? and upcoming films and changes to the schedule hold on to your hats folks were all over the board on this one because well we can lol. Also emails, comments, suggestions, criticisms, and all things in between are welcome at TalkNerdy2MePodcast@Gmail.com or on Twitter at @Nerdy2MePodcast on the Facebook Page Thank you and do enjoy.


  • I wish I could have joined you guys for this one. The Thing was based on a story called “The Thing From Outer Space” written by Robert Bloch, the same writer that wrote Psycho, Bloch was a close friend and writing student of HP Lovecraft. Once you know Bloch learned to write horror under Lovecraft The Thing takes on a whole new light. I’m a massive Lovecraft nut as well as a sci fi and horror otaku as well, so this movie is very much right up my alley.

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