Horrorfest – Sleepy Hollow(TV)

We threw down some thoughts about the new TV Show sleepy hollow, among other things. We are gonna try to keep up this frenetic passing of the podcast for awhile until I either get a new job or get school flowing full time again. I hope you enjoy and please comments, suggestions, and criticisms all welcome so email away at TalkNerdy2MePodcast@Gmail.com. Also ratings and reviews are welcome on iTunes or were ever you listen to your podcasts. Well until the next time we talk nerdy 2 you, We hope you enjoy.

oh and this is the official/unofficial start of our 30 days of horror-fest for Halloween were we are gonna try to review a horror movie, book, comic or something a day all of October. So join us sink or swim time for the talk nerdy 2 me podcast

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