Halloween Horrorfest 2017 – Razor Blade Smile PART 2?

so umm…there was an after credit scene….who knew? as always thank you for listening please leave us a review on itunes, email us at talkmerdy2mepodcast@gmail.com, and like/comment on the facebhook page.

Halloween Horrorfest 2017 – Shin Godzilla

The King of all Monsters is back like you have never seen’em or at least not seen in a very long time with Shin Godzilla. thank you for listening as always if you enjoyed the show please leave a review on iTunes, email us at talknerdy2mepodcast@gmail.com, and or comment on the facebook page.

Halloween Horrofest 2017 – Candyman

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman…if this movie was made today there would be a computer involved and found footage. So settle in, thank you for listening, please leave us a review on itunes, or comment on the facebook page, and email us at talknerdy2mepodcast@gmail.com.

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