A101 – DeathNote(2017)

So we go through the Netflix live action adaptation of the hit anime & manga series DeathNote. hold on to you butts this one is a doozy. As always thank you for listening and if you like what you hear please like us on Facebook and review us on iTunes it really helps us out. Also if you wish to contact us message us on the Facebook page or email us at Talknerdy2mepodcast@gmail.com.

NOC – The Dark Tower

Here we go gang the re recording of the dark tower(Sorry Laura) my audio was utter trash so we re did and had more tech issues and derailments which is evident in this final run of the episode but it was super fun to do. So as always thank you for listening, and please if you would be so kind as to like out facebook page and give us a like on iTunes it would really help us out.

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